Thursday, June 19, 2014

Goal Control Technology in FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil

Robometricschool. - There are many advantages of technology to help people in sport. One technology that can be used in football or soccer is Goal Control technology. As reported from detikinet that Eventual goal line technology be used for the first time in the competition between Croatia against Brazil in the 2014 World Cup opener.

Figure 1. Goal Control Technology Illustration (Source:Detikinet)

Technology that called GoalControl was developed by a German startup which cost $ 3.5 million to operate.

How it works? GoalControl using 14 cameras to monitor every game and mounted in 12 stadiums in Brazil. The camera is used to detect the movement of the ball on the ground.

In order to track the ball accurately, is used a camera that can record video at up to 500 frames per second. The camera was connected to an image processing computer via high-speed fiber optic cable.

If the results of the analysis of the camera saying that the ball had crossed the goal line, GoalControl will send a message that read "GOAL" to smartwatch imposed by the referee in charge.

If only this technology has been used since the 2010 World Cup, the final outcome of the match between England and Germany would be changed. In a match which was won by Germany's 4-1, hard kick Frank Lampard is not authorized by the referee as a goal.

Referee assess in view of the ball does not enter. Yet if we look at the replay, it appears that the ball had crossed the goal line. But indeed, the ball bounced out quickly.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Asimo Robot from Honda Continuously Running

Robometricschool. - We think you will not foreign again with Asimo robot this time. Maybe Asimo robot now can be called with the celebrities robot because very popular compared with other robot now. Asimo robot is humanoid robot from Honda that developed as human.

Figure 1. Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility or Asimo (Detikinet)

But do you know Asimo stand for? Maybe there aren't many people know the Asimo stand for. Asimo stand for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility

ASIMO robot is arguably the world celebrities. It's been 14 years since the initial generation of ASIMO was introduced to the public in 2000. Now, ASIMO was more clever.

According detikinet, reported that In the conference, Asimo indeed be a special guest. Robot with a height of 1.3 meters and a weight of 50 kg was any show of skill. Starting from up and down the stairs, opened the bottle, drink serving, to shake hands. 

As reported by Business Insider, scientists Honda's Asimo has been equip with better capabilities than previous generations. Especially in terms of flexibility and balance. 

No doubt, this cute robot is now capable of displaying body language, jumping, running at speeds of up to 9 km / h. 

The scientists are optimistic that one day ASIMO can be utilized to assist the activities of the elderly, including those to be a personal assistant in daily activities. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

LG Smartphone Release Recent LG G3 in May 2014 in London Video

Robometricschool. - LG smartphone has been releasing with new version that called LG G3. 

Figure 1. LG G3

In this month on May 2014 LG releasing this version to public in London England. To know more reported, please watch the video below:

Video LG G3 Releasing

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Google Self Driving Car Project 2014 Test Driving

Robometricschool. - Here is the automatic car from the giant technology from Google. This is an automatic car that can move without drive by people. This car small and unique that can run with 160 km per filling battery because this car is electric car.

Figure 1. Google Self Driving Car Project 2014

Automatic car from Google can move with maximum speed 40.2 km/h. The shape of this car small and very nice without people to drive. And this is very interesting car that can run on the city road. Without driving and wheel, this car automatic driving by sensor and computer technology.

Although this car not yet produce for commercial,  this car predicted can receive good by community and society because in the summer in 2015 the DMF California US, will release permission for people to drive automatic car in this city. To know more the test driving Google Self Driving Car project 2014 please watch the video below:

Google Self Driving Car project 2014

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Digital Thermometer using LM35 Sensor Based on Arduino Microcontroller Circuit Schematic

Robometricschool. - There are many electronic circuit that show you about digital thermometer application using sensor LM35. Usually the design digital thermometer also controlled with Microcontroller like MCS51, AVR, Arduino, etc.

In here we will show you one electronic circuit about digital thermometer using LM35 sensor that based on Arduino microcontroller like in figure 1 below. Beside we show you this circuit electronic, we also will give you arduino program for Digital Thermometer using LM35 Sensor with download this program from external server.

Circuit Schematic

Figure 1. Digital Thermometer using LM35 based on Arduino Circuit (Source:circuitstoday)

Component List
  1. IC1 = LM35
  2. Arduino Uno
  3. All component please see on figure 1 above


According Circuitstoday blog, describe that circuit schematic like in figure 1 above is a simple three digit digital thermometer using arduino. Range of this thermometer is from 0°C to 99.9°C. There is also a provision for displaying the temperature in °F scale. Three terminal analog temperature sensor LM35 is used as the sensor here. LM35 can measure temperatures between -55°C to +155°C. The supply voltage range is from 4V to 30V DC and the current drain is 60uA. The LM35 is available in TO-92 package and it is very easy to use. The output voltage of the arduino increases 10mV per °C rise in temperature. That means if 25 °C is the temperature, then output  voltage of the sensor will be 250mV.

Program Application

To know more about arduino program for Digital Thermometer using LM35 Sensor like in figure 1 above, please download with click link below easily:

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tutorial to Setting up a Project using ARM Cortex M3 - Tutorial Video

Robometricschool. - Here are the video tutorial that will allow you to learn more about how to set up a Project using ARM Cortex M3. And to know more about this tutorial please see video below:

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Free Online EasyEDA Software to Create Electronic Circuit Schematic and Simulate

Robometricschool.- There are many electronic software that developing to help electronic student and technician to solve their electronic project. Usually the software that developing is not online. It is mean that we must download and install these software in our computer or laptops.

Figure 1. EasyEDA Free Online

In here we will show you one electronic software that developing to help create, draw electronic circuit schematic diagram and also simulate that do online. This software is EasyEDA. And in this time we will give you information about EasyEDA and also tips to use this software.

EasyEDA is a free web based EDA tool suite, integrating schematic capture, mixed-mode circuit simulation and PCB layout in a seamless on Windows/Mac/Linux web browser(Chrome, IE9+, Safari, Firefox, and Opera).This article is intended to give an overview of how to use EasyEDA to create a schematic suitable for pushing through to PCB layout, with a quick look at how it can be used to simulate circuits and a glance at the start of the PCB layout process.

And if you interesting to use EasyEDA, please you open before reading further. Be patient, the first time to load the editor is a little bit long, but you just need one second to open it again.

Some Tips when you use EasyEDA now as follow:

  1. Click a component from the left panel, and then click on the  canvas to place it (don’t drag because it won’t drop!)  
  2. Right Click or Esc to go to select a mode 
  3. Space/R keys to rotate a part, X/Y keys to flip a part. EasyEDA has many hotkeys, all of which can be configurable. 
  4. Hold down right button and pan. It is useful for reviewing a big schematic. 
  5. Right Click  to go to select a mode, EasyEDA does not have context menu now.

And one again, if you interesting using Free Online EasyEDA Software to Create Electronic Circuit Schematic and Simulate, please link below:

Monday, May 5, 2014

Battery Tender 500-0140 Zipper Pouch, 10" x 12", Large - Product Review

Robometricschool. - To complete your information about battery tender product, in here we will also give you information about battery tender product as nylon bag for your battery tender. So, before you buy this nylon bag for battery tender, please read this review globally about Battery Tender 500-0140 Zipper Pouch, 10" x 12", Large.

Product Description

Battery Tender 500-0140 Zipper Pouch, 10" x 12", Large is the pouch is a 10" x 12" nylon bag with Battery Tender logo on the outside it is open and closed with a zipper. Some the good that offered form this product as follow:

  1. Nylon cloth bag 
  2. The pouch is a 10" x 12" nylon bag with Battery Tender logo on the outside it is open and closed with a zipper 
  3. Battery Tender logo printed on the outside 
  4. Perfect for carrying Battery Tender and/or accessories 
  5. Can be used to carry all kinds of incidentals including coins, cash, cell phone, credit cards 
  6. etc.

Product Detail

Battery Tender 500-0140 Zipper Pouch, 10" x 12", Large give you information product detail of this product as follow:

  1. Brand : Battery Tender 
  2. Item Weight : 8 ounces 
  3. Product Dimensions : 10 x 8.5 x 1 inches 
  4. Item model number : 500-0140 
  5. Manufacturer Part Number : 500-140


Battery Tender makes 3 different size zippered cases for their chargers and accessories. If you buy the Battery Tender Jr and the 12.5 or 25 foot extension cables and the cigarette lighter adapter, this is the case you need (Medium--Mfg No. 500-039). The charger with it's included Battery Clip adapter and Terminal Ring adapter plus the Lighter adapter and extension cables fit in the case perfectly. It measures 8" long X 5.5" wide X 4" deep. The charger as sold with only the Terminal ring adapter and battery clips will fit in the small case (7.5" X 5" X 2") without a problem. But I needed the 2 extension cables and lighter adapters to fit in a case too. The large case offered measures 8" X 9" X 6.5" is nice but way too big for the Battery Tender Jr but would be perfect for the larger Battery Tender models. If you are looking for a case I hope this information helps you make the right choice.

See More . . .

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Battery Tender 081-0158 Black Quick Disconnect Plug with USB Charger - Product Review

Robometricschool. - When you need battery tender with USB charger for your motorcycle, tractor, bike, and other electronic device we suggest you to read this review product of Battery Tender 081-0158 Black Quick Disconnect Plug with USB Charger globally. It is maybe this product will be your choice for using in your life. Maybe also this product is a great gadget for finding out how your battery is doing. I also use it on my solar system when needed.

Figure 1. Battery Tender 081-0158 Black Quick Disconnect Plug with USB Charger

Product Description

Battery Tender 081-0158 Black Quick Disconnect Plug with USB Charger is a product USB charger that can charge cell phone, tablets, computers, or power GPS.

When you use this product, this product offer your as like:

  1. 2.1 amps output 
  2. Quite portable 
  3. Rubber flap protects charger connectors 
  4. Perfect for a charging device for your bike, ATV, etc. 
  5. Attaches to existing Battery Tender quick disconnect.

Technical Detail

  1. Brand : Battery Tender 
  2. Model : 081-0158 Item 
  3. Weight : 0.3 ounces 
  4. Product Dimensions : 5.7 x 5.1 x 1.4 inches 
  5. Item model number : 081-0158 
  6. Manufacturer Part Number : 081-0158


I use this quick disconnect plug on my Harley Davidson. I saw another one for $33 and wondered why it was so much $ for just a converter from the quick disconnect male/female plug on the bike to micro USB. I paid $14 for this one and it is what I needed. I have it hooked up under my seat and run a USB phone charger that runs to a small tank mounted bag that contains my cell phone among other items. Charges my phone while riding, works perfectly. I will see how long it lasts. I most certainly would recommend this.

To know more please visit AMAZON with click link below: