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Now you with ROBOMETRICSCHOOL online media that help you to improve your hobby or specialist program in robotic, mechatronic, and electronic. 

ROBOMETRICSCHOOL is online media that provide you several information about robotic, mechatronic, and electronic. in here you can add you learn in school with follow several theory and several project in robotic, mechatronic, and electronic.

ROBOMETRICSCHOOL design to help you take more knowledge in computer, smartphone, smart technology, software, antivirus, gadget, games, and also recent science. Core competence in robotic you will take information about robot history, robot sensor, robot design, robot project. In microcontroller you can find several information in microcontroller like MCS51, AVR, Arduino, Microcontroller software, Microcontroller programming, etc. You also can find information in Mechatronic that describe mechanic and electronic. In Electronic you can learn about electronic analog, electronic digital, electronic circuit and schematic, get PCB designer, electronic project and also component information.

ROBOTRONICSCHOOL also complete you with tools information that you can use in robotic, mechatronic, and electronic project. You also can take several free download about free download software, free download job sheet sample, tutorial download, download syllabus, and also download schematic and PCB. 

And the last you can get information about robotic, mechatronic, and electronic book that you can use as reference in this field. I hope ROBOMETRICSCHOOL will be your online friend to your study in robotic, mechatronic, and electronic. Also it is can improve your ability. Let's enjoy ROBOTRONICSCHOOL content.

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