Sunday, January 28, 2018

Microcontroller Project: LED Scrolling Display Board Circuit Using ATMega 328P

Robometricschool. - This is one of the best microcontroller AVR project for you who want to deep your information about using ATMega 328 to build LED scrolling display in this time.

Besede we will give you global description about this project, we will also give you the circuit schematic of this project and also component part needed.

Circuit Diagram

Figure 1. Circuit Diagram of LED Scrolling Display Board using ATMega 328P (Source: Circuitstoday)

Component Part

  1. ATMega 328P
  2. Dot Matric
  3. Transistors
  4. Counter 4017

This is Arduino project for you with called LED Scrolling Display Board Circuit Using ATMega 328P. Accordingly Circuitstoday site describe that the name itself infers that the LEDs are connected in a matrix format i.e., in rows and columns. The matrix can be formed with the desired number of rows and columns. However, 7X5 (5X7) and 8X8 dot matrix displays are readily available as modules. The designer can use these modules or can build an array by using individual LEDs. As the LEDs have two terminals, the matrix orientations are of two types. The row terminals are of Anode type and the column terminals are of Cathode type vice-versa or the row terminals are of Cathode type and the column terminals are of Anode type. Below are the images of the Matrix displays for the common anode and common cathode types.


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