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Construction under way for 8,000-plus-panel solar project by Marcus Wolf

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Construction is underway for a Colorado-based energy company’s more than 8,000-panel solar array on 10 acres on County Route 67.

Tony Alvarez, a superintendent with the manufacturing and installation company TerraSmart, said his crew has been installing the wracking that will hold 8,680 ground-mounted photovoltaic solar panels for about a month. The Florida-based installation company expects its workers to finish installing the wracking and the panels for the 2,000-kilowatt project, named Brookside Solar, within the next couple of weeks, Mr. Alvarez said.
“The only times we stop is thunderstorms or lightning,” Mr. Alvarez said. “It’s coming along.”

Brookside Solar, owned by AES Distributed Energy, Boulder, Colo., will be built on about 10 acres of a 221.7-acre property owned by Teddy A. Sutton and Lorraine LeRoux at 24805 County Route 67.

Kaleigh T. Pitcheralle, construction manager for M+W Group, which oversees the construction and installation of Brookside Solar, said she expects construction to conclude by November, adding that many of the ground components have already been installed, including the central inverters and conduits. New utility poles had to be installed for the solar project to interconnect to National Grid’s power grid, and Ms. Pitcheralle said workers also needed to build a gravel road to access the property.

“All of our underground is complete,” she said, adding that they are waiting for combiner boxes.

Michael J. Brennan, a project manager with M+W Group, said the array will send the energy through wires connected to the panels as direct current electricity to the two central inverters, which will then convert the electricity to an alternating current.

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