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U of I students use solar power to create phone charging case by Senait Gebregiorgis

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Often times we see solar panels on the rooftops of homes or businesses, but two University of Illinois students are using solar panels to power up phones.

“Always on my phone so my battery life is always going and dies,” U of I student, Chris Napier said.

We're glued to our small screens for most of the day.

“My cell phone dies like every day before I even get back to my apartment so that is what irritates me,” U of I student, Jacqueline Moffat said.

It’s a common problem two University of Illinois students, Paul Couston and Rohit Kalyanpur wanted to solve so they came up with a "natural" idea to charge those phones.
“We think the best way to do that is by using light which is indoor and outdoor,” Kalyanpur said.

That’s how the two got the product, "Particle" started in their company Optivolt Labs. The product is a solar powered phone case that not only protects your phone but also charges it at the same time. They said using both indoor and outdoor light can triple the life of a phone's battery.

“It's a two case design one that's a solar panel and a battery pack,” Couston said. “Then the other one is just kind of a phone case, as long as your red LED light is on you're charging your device so if I kind of cover the panel that LED goes away."

After you attach the two cases to your phone, the power from the external battery of the solar case transfers to your phone. Not only did the students solve a problem they did so in an environmentally friendly way.

“Every single time you need a new charge you're plugging back into the wall,” Couston said. “You're recharging the lithium batteries and once you're done with it people actually end up throwing away that battery, we're trying to make a product in a responsible way that also doesn't damage the environment while we're making the product."

Tech experts said by 2020 there will be more than 20 billion connected devices.

“All these devices are going to need power in some sort of way,” Kalyanpur said. “We think that this revolution can't really progress unless it's truly wireless because what's the point of having all these devices that can do all these crazy things if they're still plugged into a wall."

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