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LabVIEW GUI for Battery Monitoring system by P K Surya Praneeta

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Any battery, may it be a lead acid or a Li-ion battery, has to be tested multiple times to test the battery capacity, leakage resistance and the time battery capacity can withstand. For these types of processes, a human cannot sit in front of the setup to record the voltage, current, cycle count and other values. To simplify this job a LabVIEW Graphical User Interface (GUI) can be made to automate the whole process.

Every battery which has to be charged or discharged, has two significant limits, Lower Threshold Point (LTP) and the Upper Threshold Point (UTP). When the battery starts charging and reaches UTP, a relay is automatically switched on and starts discharging. Two relays with a provision of sensing voltage and current are included for this charging and discharging cycle.

LabVIEW is a user-friendly software for graphical coding. It has a front panel for user interface and block diagram where the entire code is developed. The basic GUI has a provision to set UTP and LTP points, voltage and current of the battery, whether it is charging or discharging. This is designed basically to see the battery leakage resistance or measure the time in which it is going into discharging mode. A manual switch is given by pressing it only when the system starts.

The final GUI is made with all provisions to give number of counts or cycles, delay in charging and discharging cycles, indications for which phase of the cycle it is in. The below figure shows the outline of the user interface panel, where all the above indications can be seen. Provision for displaying actual count and the set count is also available.

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