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Benban hosts Egypt’s largest solar power project by Mohamed Abdel Megeed

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For years, Egypt has invested millions to modernise and expand its power capacity and networks. The country has recently been focusing on the expansion of renewable energy projects to meet increasing power demand, diversify the national energy resources, and protect the environment.

Although the country’s average level of solar radiation throughout the year is between 2,000 to 3,200 kWh per square metre, the only solar power project in Egypt is a 20-megawatt piece of a larger 140 megawatt solar thermal and combined cycle power plant.

Egypt has initiated a programme that offers feed-in tariffs for wind and solar projects up to 50-megawatt (MW) capacity with an initial aim of securing 2,000 MW of wind capacity, 2,000 MW of solar capacity from installations greater than 500 kilowatts (kW), and a further 300 MW of solar capacity from installations below 500 kW.

Thirty-nine companies are taking part in the feed-in tariff projects with both their phases. These aim to implement projects to produce solar energy with a capacity of 1,800 MW through solar power plants—with capacities ranging between 20 and 50 MW. The companies were chosen after they had met the first round of the government’s feed-in tariff requirements and strict deadlines.

Work started on the second phase on 28 October 2016, and the price of the kWh was determined for projects of 500 KW to 20 MW to be 7.88 piastres for each KW/h. For projects of capacities between 20 to 50 MW, prices are 8.40 piastres for each KWh.

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