Monday, May 15, 2017

How to Make Obstacle Avoidance Robot using Arduino and Bluetooth

Robometricschool. - In this time we will give you one project to make robotic using Arduino and Bluetooth module to make obstacle avoidance robot. Beside the main component module mentioned above, tha main component also need ultrasonic module to detect the obstacle.

Beside we will give you global description and listing program, we also will give you the circuit diagram of the Obstacle Avoidance Robot using Arduino and Bluetooth look shown in Figure 1 below.

Circuit Diagram

Figure 1. Circuit Diagram of Obstacle Avoidance Robot using Arduino and Bluetooth (Source:


According Circuitstoday site describe that this project is designed to build a robot that automatically detects the obstacle on its path and guides itself whenever an obstacle comes ahead of it. This robotic vehicle is built, using Arduino UNO board. An ultrasonic sensor is used to detect any obstacle ahead of it. A motor driver IC and 2 DC motors are used for controlling the movement of the robot. A servo motor is also used in this project. The ultrasonic sensor is then mounted on the servo and by rotating the servo to different angles we will obtain the readings from the ultrasonic sensor in those angles. This will help the controller to detect the exact path to navigate. A Bluetooth module is also added to the project (which is optional ) in order to control the robot from your android phone when it is in manual mode.

Objectives of the Project

  1. Navigate safely by avoiding obstacles comes ahead.
  2. Detecting the exact path by checking the sensor readings in different angles.
  3. Send status of the robot movement (using Bluetooth module) to the nearby android phone when the robot is in automatic mode.
  4. Navigate in manual mode by receiving signals from the phone.


And now you can click link below to take free download or copying the listing program of Obstacle Avoidance Robot using Arduino and Bluetooth from external site.

Listing Program of Obstacle Avoidance Robot using Arduino and Bluetooth


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