Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Circuit Schematic Simple Delta Wave Generator using CD4069 IC

Robometricschool. - This is one of the generator circuit schematic application using some components like CD4069 IC. This circuit schematic named with Simple Delta Wave Generator using CD4069 IC.

In this time we will give you global description about Simple Delta Wave Generator using CD4069 IC like the circuit schematic, component list and description.

Circuit Schematic

Component Part

  1. CD4069 IC
  2. Variable Resistor
  3. Resistors
  4. Capacitors
  5. Diode
  6. LEDs
  7. Resistors


This is one circuit schematic of Simple Delta Wave Generator using CD4069 IC. According Electroschematics site describe that the heart of the device is a “cheap” CD4069 (IC1) configured as a simple RC feedback oscillator with the help of its first two gates (IC1A-IC1B). Components R1, R2, R3, and C3 determine the frequency. The 4.7-M multi-turn preset potentiometer (RP1) can be used to fine-tune this frequency to some extent. Similarly, the 10K multi-turn preset potentiometer (RP2) controls the intensity of the output pulses available through the proves P1 and P2. The red lamp (LED1) simply works as a device status (run/stop) indicator. The whole device can be powered from a 6-V (1.5-V x 4) battery supply.


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