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Circuit Schematic 13.8V 2A Power Supply using LM338

Robometricschool. - This is one of the useful power supply for you who want to produce 13.8V with 2A current for your electronic devices. Beside we will give you global description about this circuit, we also will give you link to read more this circuit from original source.

Circuit Schematics

Component Parts

  1. LM338 IC
  2. Diodes 
  3. Resistors
  4. Capacitors
  5. Zener Diodes
  6. See all component above


Electronic circuit schematic like in Figure 1 above is  Circuit Schematic 13.8V 2A Power Supply using LM338this power supply appeared in the summer issue of Elektor 2000 without a PCB layout. So, I decided to build a PCB using Cadsoft EAGLE Lite edition following the Elektor’s schematic and introducing some changes.

The power supply uses through-hole parts which are easy to find on market. Main part is LM338 Regulator which can be found in TO-220 and TO-3 packages. LM338 must be mounted on a heatsink to avoid overheating.

I have done some small changes on original schematic like adding a fuse F1 after bridge rectifier 2KBP for better protection from overcurrent and I also added an additional SCR connector, to connect an overvoltage protection circuit as separate unit.

The overvoltage protection unit is from ARRL 2015 Handbook and consists of MC3423P1, a BT152 SCR (or equivalent) and a FUSE on LM338 output.

For more information about Circuit Schematic 13.8V 2A Power Supply using LM338 you can read more from the original source using link here.


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