Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Build Project for Temperature Monitor using ESP8266

Robometricschool. - This is project for Temperature Monitor using ESP8266 from anistor @ This ESP8266 based temperature monitor system using DS18B20 sensor.


This project will help you create a temperature monitor using an ESP8266 SoC and a temperature sensor (DS18B20) with next capabilities:
  • Measure Temperature
  • Send an email if temperature goes under a threshold
  • Monitor temperature and set threshold from a mobile App
To complete this project you will have to create three things
  • Hardware - Basically you have to hook up the temperature sensor to the ESP8266 board and upload the Arduino code.
  • Cloud device - Create the logic that drives the decision making using the IC2Cloud platform
  • Mobile App - Create the mobile App using AppInventor to monitor and control your temperature
This project can be easily extended to monitor different thresholds and if combined with an actuator it can control a heating/cooling system. 

Build Project for Temperature Monitor using ESP8266 - [Link]


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