Wednesday, October 7, 2015

This Robot Can Function as Smartphone

Robometricschool. - Here is information to you about robot technology that can function as smartphone. 

(Photo: Youtube screenshot)

A video uploaded to YouTube showing a robot named RoboHon developed by Sharp. Taking the design of humanoid robots, devices that can be grasped by the human hand that can function as a smartphone.

Reported by Engadget, Tuesday (06/10/2015), the robot smartphone is equipped with a variety of capabilities and features. Not only can speak in Japanese, the video was shown that RoboHon mini projector that can display fired onto a flat surface.

RoboHon also features an LCD screen on the back, which serves as the display on a smartphone. When lifting the telephone, the mini robot can be brought closer to the ears of the user or users can also use earphones.

Its tiny can also be placed on the car dashboard users or worn around the user's neck. Additionally, RoboHon equipped with a camera on the front for a slingshot image and projector that lets users create a mini cinema at home.

RoboHon can also be ordered using voice commands (voice), moving his hands and feet and walk on the surface of the floor. The robot is also able to talk to and show me the light that emerge from the circle of the eye. 




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