Monday, August 31, 2015

LG Watch Urban LUXE from LG Electronic with Gold Plated as Smart Watches

Robometricschool. - LG Electronic (LG) now not only produce an electronic like refrigerator and television, but now this industry also want to give special product for fashion field.

According Vivanews on August 31, 2015 that LG became the company are keen to encourage the penetration of the clothing through a series of smart watches LG Watch. The latest, the company introduced LG Watch Urban LUXE.

This smart watches are formulated not only brings cutting edge technology, but also coated with 23 carat gold on the body, so look luxurious. Later, alligator skin material into a clever fastening on the clock.

LG Wacth Urban LUXE planned to be exhibited at the IFA 2015 will take place in Germany.

"With the collaboration between art and technology skills to make LG Watch Urban LUXE more become accessories to support a lifestyle rather than a hardware device," said Chris Yie, vice president of LG Mobile Communications Company, through a written statement on Monday, August 31, 2015.

He expressed the collaboration of art and technology available on the LG Watch Urban LUXE LG represents one vision for the development of wearable devices.

"We want to encourage a transformation wearable device that comes from the collaboration both cases," he said.
Explained, the luxury clothing found on the product is not separated latest result of cooperation LG with REEDS Jewelers, luxury jewelry retailer in the United States. LG claims behind the creation of material opulence, there is also the other luxuries in the manufacturing process.

LG said use as fastening alligator skin is the result of handmade with high skills. Even say, the level of complexity in its manufacture requires 50 separate steps involving 30 experts in the field.

Meanwhile, the 23-carat gold coating was chosen to make it harder than usual with 24 carat gold is applied to the jewelry, but more upscale than the 18 carat gold commonly found in luxury watches.

Special parts of the buckle hook, LG Watch Urban LUXE choose the method which Louis Cartier created in 1910 which makes it even more exclusive and unique.

LG Watch Urban LUXE mentioned will be sold is limited by the number of 500 units in the United States. The price offered for smart watches, namely US $ 1,200.
For those who want to buy, just through the pre-order option (reservation) with direct access to or visit the store network REEDS jewelers.

However, for visitors IFA 2015, this pretty smart watches can be enjoyed with a visit LG's booth in Hall 18 along the 4 to 9 September.


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