Saturday, August 1, 2015

Microsoft Claim Windows 10 Success Installed in 14 Million Devices

Robometricschool. - Have you been installing your computer with the new Windows system operation with Windows 10? although Microsoft has officially launched Windows 10 in 190 countries simultaneously on Wednesday, July 29th, but not everyone can immediately install it. Nevertheless, in an article on the official blog, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 has been used on over 14 million computers.

According Metrotvnews on July 31, 2015 that there are still many people who are in the reservation list that has not received Windows 10. If you have not made a reservation, you can read how to upgrade to Windows 10 here.

As mentioned The Verge, Windows 10 is the version of Windows that Microsoft give away for free to the majority of consumers, therefore, most likely, there will be many people who will soon replace their OS with Windows 10. In addition, Windows 10 was also better than Windows 8. Microsoft even claims that Windows 10 is the best in the history of Windows.

As we know that Microsoft launched its latest OS, Windows 10, simultaneously in 190 countries. Located at the Ritz Carlton, Microsoft Indonesia also formally introduced Windows 10 in Indonesia.

One of the most proud of Microsoft Windows 10 is because this OS can be used in a variety of devices, ranging from PCs to the Internet of Things (IOT). Microsoft says, they have been testing Windows 10 in more than 2,000 different devices.

Meanwhile, President Director of Microsoft Indonesia Andreas Diantoro boldly stating that Windows 10 is the best Windows ever existed in the history of Microsoft. He sure Windows 10 will preferably Microsoft fans.

The reason, prior to launch, Microsoft has tested Windows 10 on more than 5 million people who are members of the Windows Insider Program.

"Windows Insider become a platform for Windows users to submit their comments and suggestions to us. And the feedback we get, we can create OS Windows 10 into a more personal," said Andreas. "Windows 10 is an OS from you, for you."

Andreas also said that Satya Nadella, Microsoft's CEO, has a vision for Microsoft globally, which is to make people not just use Windows because they have to, but make them choose to use Windows because they love it.


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