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ASUS A88X-GAMER, Special for Gamers and Overclockers - Motherboard Review

Robometricschool. - Riandanu Madi Utomo has wrote review about Motherboard from ASUS that called with motherboard is ASUS A88X-GAMER, Special for Gamers and Overclockers. This review has published in Metronewstv on June 14, 2015. In this moment we will show you about ASUS A88X-GAMER, Special for Gamers and Overclockers review like below.

ASUS does have various types of motherboards for the AMD platform, ranging from middle class to upper class. One is the upper class motherboards ASUS AMD A88X-GAMER.

Design "Red Kubu"

As the name implies, ASUS A88X-GAMER is AMD platform motherboards created specifically for gaming needs. This motherboard uses socket FM2 + which has been supporting the latest range of AMD processors, such as AMD Kaveri A10-7850K which we use to test it.

By design, this motherboard is suitable regarded as true AMD motherboards. He has a body with a combination of black-red color and very symbolizes AMD is often called the "red camp". Red color of the highlighted part of which surrounds the CPU heatsink and perched on top of the chipset.

To support the needs of gaming, ASUS pinned various efficient feature that allows gamers to maximize the use of its components, especially the graphics card. ASUS A88X-GAMER has been support for the use of dual graphics cards via the PCI Express 3.0 interface her. The use of up to two graphics cards allows game certainly be running more smoothly than using only one graphics card only (assuming the type and graphics card are the same).

Besides being able to sustain two graphics cards, this motherboard also has other excellent features, such as the use of dual channel RAM, use SupremeFX audio technology, to the overclocking features that are intended for those who are not satisfied with the performance of their PC.

Overclock Features Complete

Overclocking features are provided in this motherboard is quite complete. Not only for overcloker already highly skilled, they are still beginner can easily perform overclocking via AI Tweaker its features. Because the motherboard is also designed for the needs of overclocking, ASUS also pinned components with a high level of durability, such as the use of 10k black metallic capacitors, as well as embed various safety features such as DRAM overcurrent protection.

For performance, the ASUS A88X-GAMER considered to have a pretty good performance. He earned a score of 2481 on PC Mark test and capable of summarizing the data size of 1 GB into .rar format within 43 seconds.


ASUS A88X-GAMER is one of the best AMD motherboard from ASUS. For AMD motherboard category, the price is quite high, but at that price you will obtain a variety of special features that should be considered. In addition, the presence of a complete overclocking features on the ASUS A88X-GAMER also makes motherboard is suitable for overclocking enthusiasts.


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