Sunday, March 8, 2015

Circuit Schematic 1 to 100 Seconds Timer using NE555 IC

Robometricschool. - There are many application if we use NE555 IC. One of the most application of this IC is used to design digital clock or timer. In here we will show you one of timer using NE555 IC circuit schematic. This schematic titled with 1 to 100 Seconds Timer using NE555 IC like in figure 1 below.

Circuit Schematic
Figure 1. Circuit Schematic 1 to 100 Seconds Timer using NE555 IC

Component List and Layout 


According the original article describe that 555 Timer IC can be used for all application required a delay of up to 100 Seconds. Onboard board preset to adjust the required timer duration in range of   of 1 to 100 Seconds, Tact switch SW1 to reset the timer and SW2 to start the timer. LED D3 works as power indicator and LED D2 to indicate timer operation.

Load can be connected to CN1 Screw Terminal, Out-put has both the operation normally Open and normally closed. Circuits works on 12V DC and consume approx. 100mA current. Very useful project can be used in various applications like water irrigation system, Kitchen timer etc. For more information you can read more from the original article using link here.


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