Thursday, March 12, 2015

Agency's Mini Supercomputer be Spy by ​Raspberry Pi stars in UK

Robometricschool. - Maybe you will not foreign again with ​Raspberry Pi. Most people use the $35 Raspberry Pi computer for its intended purpose, as a cheap machine good for education and experimentation. But the UK's Government Communications Headquarters has leveled up by interlinking 66 of the diminutive devices into a single computing cluster.

The spy agency unveiled the GCHQ Raspberry Pi Bramble at the Big Bang Fair for young engineers and scientists -- the target market for the Raspberry Pi project. It consists of eight groups of eight Raspberry Pi machines, all linked over a network and controlled by two central Raspberry Pi machines.

The design is what's known in supercomputing circles as a cluster and, specifically in the Raspberry Pi world, a bramble. Made of the bare-bones Raspberry Pi circuit boards, it's a far cry from the fastest supercomputer today, China's Tianhe-2, which has 3,120,000 processor cores and consumes as much power as 3,400 houses. But fundamentally, the design principles are the same: share a single computing job across many independent nodes. (


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