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Circuit Schematic TDA2004 Car Stereo Amplifier

Robometricschool. - Here is good circuit for car audio amplifier. This is Circuit Schematic TDA2004 Car Stereo Amplifier like in figure 1 below. The TDA2004A is a class B dual audio power amplifier in MULTIWATT package specifically designed for car radio applications.

Circuit Schematic
Figure 1. Circuit Schematic TDA2004 Car Stereo Amplifier

Component List
  • R1
  • R2
  • R3 1.2kΩ
  • R4 1.2kΩ
  • R5 3.3Ω
  • R6 3.3Ω
  • R7 120kΩ
  • C1 2200µF 16V
  • C2 2200µF 16V
  • C3 100µF 16V
  • C4 100µF 16V
  • C5 100nF (104)
  • C6 100nF (104)
  • C7 220µF 16V
  • C8 220µF 16V
  • C9 2.2µF 16V
  • C10 2.2µF 16V
  • C11 100nF (104)
  • C12 470µF 25V
  • C13 10µF 16V
  • LS1, LS2 4Ω 10W speaker
  • IC1 TDA2004

Circuit schematic like in figure 1 above is Circuit Schematic TDA2004 Car Stereo Amplifier. With the component values shown and with a supply voltage of 14.4V (a fully charged car battery), the stereo amplifier is capable of delivering a power output of at least 6W, typically 6.5W with a load impedance of 4Ω. It can also handle a load impedance of 2Ω, in which case the output power is a minimum of 9W, but typically 10W. Power outputs of this order are subject to about 10% distortion, however, if lower power outputs are acceptable, 4W with a load impedance 4Ω or 6W with a load impedance of 2Ω, distortion is only in the order of 0.3%.

The voltage gain of the left-hand channel is determined by the ratio of R3 to R5, and that of the right-hand channel by the ratio of R4 to R6. With the values given, this will be 50dB. Therefore, a signal of 50mV is required at the input to give the maximum output. If this input sensitivity is too great, a 50kΩ stereo potentiometer can be included at the input. The impedance of non-inverting amplifier input is minimally 100kΩ.

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