Sunday, February 22, 2015

Circuit Schematic PIC Programmer

Robometricschool. - Do you looking for PIC programmer circuit now? Figure 1 show you Circuit Schematic PIC Programmer. PIC programmer  circuit is a circuit which suitable to do simple pic16f84, pic16f84A, 16c84, 16f628 group programmer.

Circuit Schematic
Figure 1. PIC Programmer Circuit

Component List

  • R1 10KΩ
  • R2 3.3KΩ
  • R3 15KΩ
  • C1 100µF 16V
  • D1 LED
  • Z1 5.1V Zener
  • Q1 BC547
  • PIC PIC16F84,PIC16F84A, 16C84, 16F628
  • Rs232 RS232 Femail Connector
  • IC Base 18 pin ic base fo


Circuit schematic like in figure above is Circuit Schematic PIC Programmer. This circuit schematic using IC base for PIC. Connect the PIC programmer to 1st or 2nd COM PORT of computer by using RS232 wire.

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