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Circuit Schematic Object Counter using Microcontroller AT89S51

Robometricschool. - There are many object that can be counted using analog circuit and digital circuit. For example we can count how many rotation per minutes (rpm) that used in our motor or car speedometer. Other example is we also can count how many people or car that come in parking area or mall. So, there are many application of object counter. 

In this time we will show one circuit schematic of Object Counter using Microcontroller AT89S51 or 8051 microcontroller like in figure 1 below. The main part in this circuit is IR sensor, signal condition, Microcontroller At89S51, and seven segment indicator. All of this circuit charge with +5Vdc.

Circuit Schematic

Figure 1. Object Counter using Microcontroller AT89S51 Circuit 
(Source: circuitstoday)
Component List
  1. Sensor bright LED and LDR
  2. Signal condition using IC LM324
  3. Microcontroller AT89S51
  4. 3 Seven Segment 
  5. Resistors
  6. Transistors
  7. Capacitors
  8. X-Tal 12 MHz 

Circuit schematic like in figure 1 above is Circuit Schematic Object Counter using Microcontroller AT89S51. This circuit will work to count how many object that come in to the sensor bright LED and LDR. Signal condition will make output signal high and low that show us it is binary signal. it is depending input. So, signal condition that build using LM324 is voltage comparator. Microcontroller will programmed to show result of object counter that will be displayed in 3 seven segments.

For more information about Circuit Schematic Object Counter using Microcontroller AT89S51 description and listing program, please visit the original article below.


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