Saturday, December 20, 2014

Digital Communications Best Book by Simon Haykin with Newer Edition

Robometricschool. - When you want to learn more about digital communication, we sure that you also need a good book as your reference to study about digital communication. We think one book that very suitable when you want to study digital communication is Digital Communications book that authored by Simon Haykin. Although this is the old book but this book is still relevance when you study digital communication.

In this time we will show you book information of Digital Communications Best Book by Simon Haykin with Newer Edition and then we will give you link to buy Digital Communications Best Book by Simon Haykin.

Book Description

Digital Communications Best Book by Simon Haykin offers the most complete, up-to-date coverage available on the principles of digital communications. Focuses on basic issues, relating theory to practice wherever possible. Numerous examples, worked out in detail, have been included to help the reader develop an intuitive grasp of the theory. Topics covered include the sampling process, digital modulation techniques, error-control coding, robust quantization for pulse-code modulation, coding speech at low bit radio, information theoretic concepts, coding and computer communication. Because the book covers a broad range of topics in digital communications, it should satisfy a variety of backgrounds and interests, and offers a great deal of flexibility for teaching the course. The author has included suggested course outlines for courses at the undergraduate or graduate levels.

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