Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Record NASA Perseid Meteor Shower Fire Ball

Robometricschool. - Reported from Vivanews on Wednesday (8/13/2014) said that United States space agency, NASA, managed to capture the early stages of 'attack' meteor through the All Sky Fireball 12 cameras spread across six locations in the country. 

Citing, Wednesday, August 13, 2014, the video was able to capture the Perseid meteor shower early. Bill Cooke of the Meteoroid Environment Office (MEO) at Alabama NASA said the video was able to capture the Perseid meteor rain 110. 

Scientists previously MEO calculate and estimate the trajectory of each meteor is detected. The data will help scientists sort out any Perseid meteors and how high the Perseid meteor burning in the atmosphere. 

Camera All-sky Fireball NASA detects meteors bright light exceeding Mars. Even the video camera is able to capture the glowing fireball in the northern hemisphere sky. One of the pictures that captured the Perseid meteor fireball that burned tenga in Chickamauga, Georgia, USA. 

"Perseid meteor shower is one of the best this year, rivaled only by the Geminid meteor shower," Cooke said late last year while watching the other annual meteor showers. 

Mentioned Perseid meteor debris burning and creates the effect of scintillation light in the sky was actually derived from the comet 109P / Swift-Tuttle. The comet orbits the Sun for 133 years. 

Comet Swift-Tuttle, discovered in 1862 by Lewis Swift and Horace Tuttle. The size of the comet was big enough with a cell nucleus (nucleus) a length of 26 kilometers, or two times bigger than the comet believed to have hit Earth and wiped out the dinosaurs. 

While the Perseid meteor theory originated from comet Swift-Tuttle presented in 1865 by Giovanni Schiaparelli. Comet Swift-Tuttle last m time visit to the solar system in 1992. 

To note the image capture Perseid meteor this is just in the early stages only. Unfortunately the weather was cloudy in some parts of the United States, NASA makes no maximum camera to record meteor shower.


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