Sunday, March 16, 2014

Timo Ball vs Kuka Agillus, The Ping-pong Game Human and Robot

Robometricschool. - With the advance technology that developing in robot now, make robot can make the fast move in the hand. It make Kuka Agillus robot can move the hand very fast in this time and this robot can play ping pong with the winner of the world ping-pong player, Timo Ball.

Figure 1. Ping-pong Timo Ball vs Kuka Agillus Robot (Detikinet)

We think it is very interesting to see that the robot can play ping pong with the real human now. Timo Boll, challenged by a robot which has a super-fast hand movements? Of course both will be exciting match watched. 

Boll is a German table tennis athlete who was ranked number one in the German Table Tennis National League. While in the global order, the man born in 1981 is ranked 8th best ping pong player. 

With the title Boll certainly has a deft hand. Well, that's what trying to be challenged by a robot with the fastest hands, Kuka Agilus. 

Agilus Kuka robot with arms lined up as the fastest. The robot has several sensors that can detect when the ping pong ball to him.

And to know more how the ping-pong game Timo Ball vs Kuka Agillus robot, please watch the youtube video below:

Source: Detikinet


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