Monday, March 3, 2014

Simple Electronic Circuit Schematic Fish Caller using Flip-Flop Principles

Robometricschool. - There are many electronic equipment that can used to help many fishermen to get many fish in the rivers or sea. Maybe you will now that many advanced electronic equipment developed to help fishermen now as like FISH HUNTER SONAR. With Fish Hunter Sonar maybe you can detect the good fish position in the sea. But you must need much money to get Fish Hunter Sonar electronic equipment.

In here we will show you the simple electronic circuit schematic that will help you to call the fish in the river and then you can catch the fish. 

Circuit Schematic

Figure 1. Simple Electronic Circuit Schematic Fish Caller

Component List
  1. R 15K, 33K
  2. VR 10K
  3. C 1uF/16V
  4. C 0.005uF
  5. C 0.02uF
  6. TR BC108
  7. Speaker


For those of you who like fishing, catching or whatever, this tool is suitable for your help, because this tool will call and collect fish. The vibration output of this series reaches a distance of several meters in a circle.

The Simple circuit schematic for fish caller  like in figure 1 above using principles of Flip-Flop. With change the VR 10K we can get frequency that like by fish. 

How it Works:  

After a series of sound, this schematic enter into plastic bottles and make sure water can not get into it and then enter (drowned) into the water. Wait a moment. After this circuit works the fish will come to him and gathered around this tool. You can use it in the river, where many fish are easy to find except in a choppy sea, so that the circuit will not work due swamped by the waves of the sea. Actually, it can also be used in calm seas but the water should not be too choppy.


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