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Free Download Scilab 5.4.0 and Scilab 5.4.1 for Numerical Computation

Robometricschool.- When do you need free and opensource software for numerical computation now, we suggest you to use Scilab software. When you use MATLAB for numerical computation with must open much money, Scilab allow you to use this software freely.

Figure 1. Scilab Software for Numerical Computation (Poweringsoft)

In this time we want to share with you about Scilab software for Numerical Computation, and then we will give you link to take Free Download two version of Scilab software these are  Scilab 5.4.0 and Scilab 5.4.1 from Robometricschool blog here.

Scilab Description

According softonic site reviewed that Scilab is free open source software for numerical computation providing a powerful computing environment for engineering and scientific applications. Scilab includes hundreds of mathematical functions. It has a high level programming language allowing access to advanced data structures, 2-D and 3-D graphical functions. A large number of functionalities is included in Scilab: control, simulation, optimization, signal processing... Xcos, the hybrid dynamic systems modeler and simulator is provided with the platform.

Scilab is free software distributed under CeCILL license (GPL compatible). It comes with source code, help and English user manuals. The availability of source code is of great interest in research or for strategic applications. The international scientific community, both academic and industrial spheres, invests in Scilab. Many external modules, contributions from users or from Scilab Enterprises, can also be downloaded.

Some of the version of Scilab software that developed are Scilab 5.4.0 and Scilab 5.4.1 that provide use to enjoy the numerical computation for us.

Download Software

And now we will give you link to download Scilab 5.4.0 and Scilab 5.4.1 for Numerical Computation freely. Please click all link below to download these Scilab software version.


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