Friday, March 28, 2014

Careful with WhatsAppitis Disease Caused from WhatsApp Addiction

Robometricschool. - We think it is new variants of disease that happened in human body. This disease is mentioned with WhatsAppitis. It is disease name that similar with name social media that called WhatsApp. And maybe you will conclude that this disease because of WhatsApp trouble.

Figure 1. WhatsAppitis Desease Because of WhatsApp Addiction (Detikinet)

Yes, you right that WhatsAppitis is the disease that caused from WhatsApp addiction. According detikinet show us that addiction messaging services like WhatsApp wear it can damage the health. At least, that's what the Spanish doctor named Ines Fernandez Guerrero of Granada General University Hospital.

And maybe you you will ask, why WhatsApp addiction can cause WhatsAppitis? Also still from detikinet said that The doctor initially receives a patient who complained of both wrists ache. Once traced, Fernandez doctors find that the patient's previous insanely using WhatsApp for 6 hours. 

The patient was 34 years old and pregnant. He did not do any strenuous activity before. It was concluded that prolonged access WhatsApp cause pain, which is dubbed as WhatsAppitis. The patient was given painkillers and also forbidden to use the phone for a while. 

Pain arising from the excessive use of mobile phones is already emerging from the first. When the BlackBerry at the peak of its popularity, once there is a term for the Blackberry thumb pain on the thumb because too many pressing a keyboard phone. So, please use keep your body from WhatsAppitis with use WhatsApp proportionally in your live.

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