Thursday, January 30, 2014

Introduction of Arduino Hardware and Software for Beginner

Robometricschool. - As we know today that Arduino to be term that very familiar for someone who intents in microcontroller study and hobby. As the opensource platform, Arduino give the all user change to modify their hardware and also software. And in this time we want to share with you about introducing Arduino hardware and software to you that begin to learn Arduino this day.

According circuitstoday writer said that The hardware part of arduino contains a development board made in Italy.(Since it is a opensource hardware, they provide the schematics and PCB files in Eagle at the arduino website – you are free to download and make your own board.).

One example Arduino hardware like in figure 1 below:

Figure 1. Arduino UNO Hardware (Circuitstoday)

Still from Circuitstoday writter also said that there are two parts of Arduino software as follow Arduino Bootloader and Arduino IDE. Figure 2 below show you blog diagram of Arduino software.

Figure 2. Blog Diagram Arduino Software (Circuitstoday)

1. Bootloader 

Bootloader is a little piece of code residing inside the microcontroller which makes the controller special and gives it the power of integration to the arduino IDE and the arduino board. With the bootloader erased, when you try to program from the IDE, the controller won’t understand anything! In simple words, the bootloader acts as a translator between the controller and the arduino IDE. You have to load the bootloader in to the controller (from a different programmer) before integrating it with the arduino board.

2. IDE(Integrated Development Environment)

The arduino IDE is installed in the computer. The IDE has a compiler, serial monitor etc. Arduino language is a variant of c++ – atleast it looks like c++ programs. Program is written, compiled and uploaded from the IDE to the board.The language is really really simple!. The IDE has the options to select from different versions of arduino board with different controllers and also has options to select the particular communication port where the arduino board is connected.

And we think enough in here we introduce you about introduction of arduino hardware and software for you who begin learn Arduino. Hope it is will give you global information about Arduino to you.


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