Sunday, January 26, 2014

How Potatoes Can be a Long Life Battery

Robometricschool. There are many research that developed to get long life battery this day. It is because there are many gadget that very sophisticated but didn't have many long life battery. It is make many developer want to get long life battery for the gadget like smartphone.

Figure 1. Battery Potato Illustration (Image:techradar)

Lately there is a recent discovery by researchers at Virginia Tech University that could be a solution to bring long lasting battery for years. Researchers created a breakthrough by using bio-energy from natural sugar ingredients, rather than chemicals such as lithium batteries which are common in gadgets.

Batteries with this natural sugar energy sources the researchers claimed is ideal for use on mobile phones. In contrast to other bio-energy such as hydrogen and methanol, sugar material arguably more secure because it is non-explosive or explosive and flammable.

Source of energy is derived from natural starch in the daily diet, one potato. This starch is broken down gradually Zhang mentioned using enzyme cascade. 

In this way, electrons with significant quality would appear to produce a flow of energy. Previously, there had been research on sources of energy from sugar. This latest breakthrough, Zhang and his team claimed could produce significant energy.

The report, published in the scientific journal Nature Communications wrote, battery-based potato starch can be used to turn on the battery in three years on a single charge. So, let we wait the present of the long life battery. (Source:Detikinet)


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