Thursday, December 5, 2013

Newest Port USB (Universal Serial Bus) Standard be Appointed

Robometricschool. - We know that we will not foreign again with USB or Universal Serial Bus. There are many electronic devices that completed with USB port now. But do you now that newest port USB standard has been appointing now?

Figure 1. USB Port (Illustration: Google)

For many years that USB standard develop and in this year 2013, newest USB standard has been appointing with better quality. In August 2013 ago, a consortium of developers has just set the USB spec for USB 3.1, but now they are back to announce a new standard called USB Type C.

According the consortium show us that USB connector Type C made ​​by technology USB 3.1 and USB 2.0, making it sleeker, thinner, and increase its usefulness. Unlike in previous versions of the most used on the computer, the USB port Type C will also be able to be used on a smartphone, or tablet PC. So the more connectors that will be compatible with one port.

Although this newest port USB standard has been appointing, but until this day there are no leaks on the form of the latest USB port. But clearly, the new standard is just beginning to be used around the middle of 2014. (source:detikinet) 


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