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Electronic Circuit Schematic PC Tablet Power Bank using Laptops Cell Batteries

Robometricschool. - As we know that power bank develop to provide difficulty of battery source for our gadgets this day. There are many Power Bank that sold with many kinds of need. And we can choose these Power Bank to charge our gadgets.

Figure 1. PC Tablet Power Bank using Laptops Cell Batteries 

But we also can make by our self Power Bank to charge our gadgets like PC Tablet. In this time we want to share with you about one of the electronic circuit schematic of PC Tablet Power Bank using Laptops Cell Batteries that can we build easily.


In this PC Tablet Power Bank that will design is used cell batteries from laptops specially laptops cell batteries reused. We only need two cell batteries that will produce 8.2 volts when we series. It because one cell battery produce 4.1 volts. With using regulators IC LM 7805, we will get outputs of this electronic circuits schematic we will get 5 Volt with more than 1.8 amperes. So this output voltage can used to charge our PC Tablet that need 5 volts input.

Circuit Schematic

Figure 2. Schematic PC Tablet Power Bank using Laptops Cell Batteries
Figure 3. Connection of PC Tablet Power Bank using Laptops Cell Batteries

Component List
  1. Laptop Cell Batteries  
  2. LM 7805
  3. Switch Selector
  4. Resistor 4K7 ohms
  5. LED
  6. Output Connector

Circuit Performance
  1. When we series two batteries @ 4.1 volts  we will get 8.2 volts output voltages that need to charge our PC tablet. 
  2. To make output voltages 5 Volts with more than 1.8 amperes we need voltage regulator 5 volt using IC LM7805. 
  3. To know that this voltage is work to exit the voltage we add the indicator using LED that stabilized using R 4K7 ohms. 
Note: All Figure in this article from Xpandro-id Blog


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