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Electronic Circuit Schematic of Variable DC Power Supply 0 - 18 Volt

Robometricschool. - Sometimes we need variable power supply that can adjusted for special voltage that we need to supply our electronic devices. In several research or experiment usually we always need variable power supply that can help use provide many value of voltage to charge our electronic schematic in our experiment.

In this time we will sow you electronic circuit schematic of variable DC power supply that ranged from 0 volt until maximum 18 volt. 

Electronic Schematic

Figure 1. Variable DC Power Supply 0 - 18 V (Image:Rangkaianadaptor)

Component List

  1. R1 : 56ohm/2Watt Resistor
  2. R2 : 330ohm Lin. pot
  3. C1 : 2200uF/35V elektronik capasitor
  4. C2 : 100uF/35V elektronik capasitor
  5. C3 : 10uF/25V elektronik capasitor
  6. C4 : 220uF/25V elektronik capasitor
  7. C5 : 100nF Ceramic capacitor
  8. GR1 : 4 X 1N4007 1 A Diode
  9. Q1 : 2N3055 BPN Transistor
  10. T1 : 18V/1.5A Transformator step-down
  11. D1 : 18V 1.5W zener diode 
Circuit Description

Electronic circuit schematic like in figure 1 is Variable DC Power Supply 0 - 18 Volt  with more than 1 ampere that produced from transistor 2N3055. According from the circuit, we can describe that:
  1. Transformer T1 is step down transformer to produce 18 volt. 1.5 amperes. We use the transformer with center tabs (CT).
  2. Bridge diodes used as rectifier the AC voltages to DC voltages. We need 4 diodes that connected bridge.
  3. We can adjust the voltage 0 until 18 volt using R2 330 ohm variable. In here you also can change R2 with other value like 50K ohms and other.
  4. To make more than 1 ampere output current we need transistor Q1 2N3005 as the current amplifying in this circuit schematic.


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