Thursday, October 24, 2013

Simple Electronic Circuit and Source Code of Digital Voltmeter Based Microcontroller PIC16F73B

Robometricschool. - There are many measurement instrument that we can find in the electronic instrument market now. With the developing of microcontroller this day, we thing we can build with our-self one of electronic measurement instrument as like Voltmeter. 

We know that voltmeter is the electronic measurement instrument that used to measure the voltage beside DC and also AC. Using Microcontroller we can build this instrument easily with need little of component that needed. In this time we will show you the simple electronic circuit of Digital Voltmeter that based on Microcontroller PIC16F73B that we will completed with source code.

Electronic Circuit Schematic

Figure 1. Digital Voltmeter Based Microcontroller PIC16F73B (Source:circuitstoday)

Components List:
  1. PIC16F73B
  2. Seven Segment CA
  3. VR 1K ohm

Circuit Description:

Here are the description of the Digital Voltmeter Based Microcontroller PIC16F73B as follow: 

  1. The Microcontroller fetches the analog signal through the AN0 pin of PIC16F73. The built in ADC of PIC16F73 converts the analog input to its digital value. 
  2. A fractional conversion is applied  to this digital data using an equation and the data is converted to millivolts. Each digit is extracted one by one using the sub routine void display(). The extracted digit is matched and the corresponding seven segment pattern is fetched from the LUT written inside the mask subroutine. 
  3. The data from LUT is then passed to data bus of the multiplexed 7 segment display using pins 21 to 28 of PIC16F73. The enable pins are connected the micro controller at pins 11, 12, 13 & 14. Finally different data are sent to different segment displays by alternately switching the enable pins within 10 ms. This way our eyes see just a 4 digits number. So here is our full project. (Source: Circuitstoday)

Source Code:

To get source code of the Digital Voltmeter Based Microcontroller PIC16F73B electronic circuit schematic like in figure 1 above, please click link below easily:


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