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5 Unique Methods to Re-Charge Cell-Phone Battery in the World Plus Video

Robometricschool. - There are many ways to re-charge our cellular or cell-phone. Usually we using electricity to re-charge our cell-phone battery. The electricity in here is the main energy source for us to re-charge our cell-phone battery. So, when there is not any electricity we cannot re-charge our cell-phone battery.

Figure 1. Re-Charge Cell-Phone Battery using Bonfire Power

Because of this problem researcher think to find other ways to re-charge cell-phone battery without using electricity. It is hope when someone cannot find the electricity, they will always to re-charge their cell-phone batteries.

In here we will describe 5 methods that called unique methods to re-charge cell-phone batteries. Here are 5 5 Unique Methods to Re-Charge Cellular in the World as follow:

a. Using Hand Power

One sample to show you the re-charge that using hand power is product from Eton. Product made by a company called Eton is very unique. Because users can recharge a cell phone or their gadget, while raising exercise hand muscles.

Why, to get a gadget charger power user must rotate from crank handle provided on the side of this product. Rather complicated indeed, but it is of course extremely save electricity with renewable energy.

b. Wind Power

Other way to re-charge cell-phone is using wind power. Another product that recharge with renewable energy. This time the charger is uniquely capable of generating energy with wind power. This unique wind power charger designed by renowned designer Tjeerd Veenhoven. According to its function, there are plugs in the device to gadget in the kind of fan that serves to get electricity from wind.

c. Bonfire Power

The unique method to re-charge the cell-phone battery is using bonfire power. When we are doing adventures in the mountains, then suddenly takes off devices running out of power. Do not panic, because there is a product called BioLite campstove.

Yes, you can make a campfire on the phone at the same time charging. Because this product uses the power of the fire burning. This product is classified as a success. Because a lot of people who buy it for the needs of outdoor events such as camping.

d. Solar Power

The next method to re-charge our cell-phone battery is using solar power. Solar panels may be commonly found in the home as a substitute for conventional power. Well, this is mengilihami solar products for mobile phones

Solio Bolt, this product is a USB-based power. Shaped like a book that when opened contained panels that absorb solar energy as electrical energy.

e. Fruits Power

The last unique methods to re-charge the cell-phone battery is using fruits power. This is probably the most unique. Because the phone is done charging with striking directly from the fruit. It could be that you do not like fruit that can be used for anything else.

Shape of the prototype device is just cable, phone plugs and zinc to put on a piece of fruit. Electricity comes from the oxidation of zinc, the organic material that serves as a conductive barrier, and copper from the circuit. One fruit or vegetable will produce about half a volt of electricity. So it took a lot of fruit to produce electricity so that the phone is fully charged.

To know more about the unique methods to re-charge cell-phone battery you can watch all in the video using link below.


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