Friday, September 27, 2013

Thinnest Keyboard in the World has been Introduced by CSR Technology Factory

Robometricschool. - If you ask about the thinnest keyboard in the world, you will find this day that there is the thinnest keyboard in the world that introducing by CSR as the technology factory that develop this keyboard.

Figure 1. The Thinnest Keyboard in the World from CSR

Because of the keyboard is very thin, this keyboard is like the paper and only have the thickness more than 0.5 mm. It is make this keyboard from CSR easily to bring anywhere and more flexible because this keyboard can used in any all the surface.

According the detikinet, said that this keyboard combining low power wireless technology and flexible touch screen electronic sensing owned CSR, this device can also be used as an additional touch interface tablets and smartphones. 

CSR thin keyboard connected wirelessly using Bluetooth CSR1010 newly released CSR is optimized for Bluetooth Smart. This technology allows the keyboard to connect with the latest devices and PC iOS7 Windows 8.

Figure 2. The Thinnest Keyboard from CSR suitable for all Surface

And now you can enjoy this keyboard from CSR the factory technology that develop this keyboard and make this keyboard as the thinnest keyboard in the world.


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