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Simple Project Frequency Counter using AVR ATmega8 Controller

Robometricschool. - As we know that we tell about microcontroller, we will find many types and also series of microcontroller that used to help our project. One type of microcontroller from ATMEL that very popular today is AVR series. Many project now that develop using microcontroller AVR.

In here we will show you one simple project that developed using microcontroller AVR is Frequency Counter that developed using AVR ATmega8. In here we will show you the electronic circuit schematic of Frequency Counter using AVR ATmega8 and then we also will show you also simple program instruction using C Program to develop this project.

Circuit Schematic 

Figure 1. Frequency Counter using ATMega8 (Image:circuitstoday)

Component List:

1. IC AVR ATMega8L-8PI
2. 16x2 LCD
3. R 1K
4. VR 10K
5. R 500
6. SW-PB

Circuit Description:

Figure 1 above is the simple frequency counter circuit schematic using ATMega8 with few components that needed. To know the description of the circuit schematic you can read description below.

So what we have done here is; Set the counter to zero, waited for 1S, and read  the counter again. But remember,you need to read the value immediately after the delay loop ends. It is simple. Just assign a variable and copy the count to that. The data type of the variable is essentially an unsigned integer. You can try floating point data type too! But here you need to typecast it! That’s all!  To read about floating point conversion in Avr – read this article carefully – String Formatting of Avr                 

It’s better that you apply a conditioned signal for counting the frequency. i.e. a square wave or a trail of pulses. You may use a suitable signal conditioning circuit like Comparator;   Schmitt trigger, sine wave to square wave converter, whatever suits you. If the signal is of low power, then use a conditioning circuit . You can get lots of signal conditioning circuits in this website – check here - Signal Conditioner Circuits. (Source:circuitstoday).

Source Code:

To know the source code of the circuit schematic of Frequency Counter using AVR ATmega8 Controller you can download using link that we given below easily:


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