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Electronic Project of Vehicle Protection System Prototype using Password and SMS-Based Microcontroller AT89S52

Robometricschool. - In this time we want to share with you about one of the electronic project that based Microcontroller AT89S52 with titled Vehicle Protection System Prototype using Password and SMS-Based Microcontroller AT89S52.

Figure 1. Vehicle Protection System Prototype using Password and SMS-Based Microcontroller AT89S52

Introduction of This Project

Rapidly evolving technology promises ease for human life. Both in terms of the ease of communication and in terms of technology. However, as the development of world technology, also developed ways for thieves to commit crimes, so it needs to be made a new safety device.

In this study will be made a tool that is expected to reduce motor vehicle theft. Security is vital in this system, because it used the system password and SMS on AT89S52 microcontroller applications as motor vehicle safety. Intended use of the microcontroller is to make the security system with limited permissions so that not everyone can use it.

The output of the key is not directly used to turn on the vehicle's engine, but it is processed first entry into the microcontroller port so it works when pressure is applied with a certain key combination that is already stored in the program are made.

SMS system is useful to notify the owner if there is a thief. The SMS system can also be used to turn on, turn off the machine, turn off the alarm and to change the password using SMS.

Electronic Circuit Schematic

Figure 2. Electronic Circuit Schematic of Vehicle Protection System Prototype using Password and SMS-Based Microcontroller AT89S52

How its Work

  1. First instrument is turned on, the program AT89S52 microcontroller in IC will turn off the alarm relay and relay CDI and then will send the command "ATE0" to the wavecom modem, then the microcontroller will mengunggu until no reply "OK" from modem. If no reply is "OK", then the microcontroller will wait for incoming SMS and will wait for the "D" is pressed on the keypad matrix.
  2. When no incoming sms, SMS microcontroller will immediately read the contents of the SMS will then be copied to RAM microcontroller, then the SMS will be immediately deleted. SMS contents that have been copied will be compared with all the data that has been stored in the program. If the content of his text accordingly, then the command will be carried out in accordance with the contents of the SMS received and will reply SMS to the sender's mobile phone containing the messages successfully. However, if the content of the SMS is not in accordance with the existing data in the program, the microcontroller will avenge the word "WRONG FORMAT".
  3. When the "D" in the press, the microcontroller will display the password input messages 1 and 2, then it will match with the password stored in the EEPROM IC AT24C64. If the password is correct, the vehicle engine will in-turn, but if one will be asked to enter the password again. If already 3 times incorrect password, the microcontroller will activate an alarm and sends a short message to the owners that there has been a thief.
  4. Users can change the password and phone number when the vehicle is in the on position. Button "A" is used to replace a cell phone number, the "B" is used to change the password and the "C" is used to turn off the vehicle.
  5. To change the phone number or password, the microcontroller will be asked to enter the password 2 level to the user before the user can change the phone number or change the password to a new one.

Authored by: Muh. Usman


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