Thursday, September 19, 2013

Electronic Component of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) using Character 16x2

Robometricschool. - One electronic that very useful when we want to display our project information is Liquid Crystal Display or shorted with LCD. There are many information that will display using LCD as like user instruction for our device, price, volume, time, speed, temperatures, etc.

Figure 1. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Physically 

In this time we want to show you about Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) using Character 16x2 and then we will give you the electronic circuit for Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) using Character 16x2 for simple project using microcontroller.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is a dot matrix display is enabled to display the text in the form of numbers or letters as expected (according to the program that is used to control it). LCD character has a lot of 26 species seen from the number of the bit. LCD character used in this thesis is a dot matrix LCD with 16x2 characters, and have pin numbered 16.

LCD as output which can display the text so it's easier to understand, than using LEDs only. Character LCD is used to display text or characters.LCD display consists of two parts, namely the LCD panel is made ​​up of many points. LCD and a microcontroller that controls the attached paneled and LCD dots had become illegible letters or numbers.

Letters or numbers that will be sent to the LCD display in the form of ASCII code. ASCII code is received and processed by the microcontroller on the LCD to LCD dots are read as letters or numbers.

Electronic Wiring Diagram

Figure 1. Wiring Diagram of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) using Character 16x2 

Circuit Descriptions:

According the electronic circuit of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) using character 16x2 like in figure 2 above, we can describe as follow:

LCD wiring diagram is used to enter data from the keyboard displaying. Each different input on the system displaying also different display on the LCD.

Series of displays using LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) with the number of characters 16x2 with RS and Enable control pin is enabled with the power supply of 5 Volts DC. Each control pin on the LCD is connected to the microcontroller. 

To adjust the LCD brightness, can be done by regulating the voltage on pin 3 VO LCD using a potentiometer / trimpot. LCD programming mode using the 8 bit data and Enable control pin RS.


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