Saturday, August 3, 2013

Using Samsung Strategy, Motorola Moto X Ready to Launch

Robometricschool. - Motorola Moto X maybe still foreign in the Smartphone competition for several years ago. But now, Motorola Moto X in this day very crowded to be discussed. It is because the Moto X from Motorola will using Samsung strategy to be famous and success in the Smartphone competition.

Google as owner of Motorola, will using Samsung strategy to get success in smartphone technology and marketing competition. Motorola Moto X is one smartphone that will use Android as their operation system and it is same with Samsung smartphone that very popular this day.

Figure 1. Motorola Moto X (Image:detikinet)

As we know that Samsung is now the most popular Android phone vendors. Relying Galaxy remove the phone line, the South Korean vendors be successful electronics company with the highest revenue, reaching USD 50 billion in the second Quartal in 2013.

Motorola Moto X also want to follow the track that do by Samsung to get success this day. Motorola Moto X will perform successful strategy is to rely on a single brand - Moto X - and supported by other family members with mini frills, low-cost version, highlight the ability of the camera, up to Moto X waterproof.

Moto X itself comes in several attractive colors and can be customized based on user desires. So no predictions if Motorola will carry Samsung's strategy in its product mix. It was raised after Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside revealed that the Moto X is not the only smartphone that carries the brand Moto X. Because there will be another variant of the family Moto X.

Woodside is said, one of the other variants will be positioned below the current Moto X and is offered at more affordable prices. And to add the information that Motorola Moto X will be launched a few months to come. But it is still planning. You must be patient if you want to enjoy the new comer of Motorola Moto X.


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