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Tips on How to Keep and Save the Smartphone, Tablet and Notebook Batteries Safely

Robometricschool. - One of the popular battery that many used in smartphone, tablet, and also notebook is Lithium Ion battery. There are many reasons why many gadget used Lithium Ion battery comparing with other battery. And here are the reasons as the advantages when using Lithium Ion battery as follow:

  1. Has the best energy density than other batteries.
  2. There is no memory effect as experienced by Nickel-based batteries.
  3. Small power loss rate if kept for a long period.
  4. Do not contain toxic materials such as lead, mercury or cadmium are harmful to the environment.
Although there are many advantages when using Lithium Ion battery, but we must know that the Lithium Ion battery can make serious risk and dangerous. One of the dangers of the use of this battery is the battery cells could explode if the seat ventilation system is not running properly. Exploding battery case is not likely to occur and many electronics manufacturers such as Apple, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo and Sony did a massive recall on their products because of the danger Li Ion battery which exploded.

Figure 1. Battery Exploded in Gadget Illustration (Image:detikinet)

So we must know some methods Keep and Save the Smartphone, Tablet and Notebook Batteries Safely specially when we using Lithium Ion battery. And in here try to give you some tips on Keep and Save the Smartphone, Tablet and Notebook Batteries Safely that we gets from detikinet article that wrote by Alfons Tunajaya. And here are some tips to keep and save the battery that used in gadget as follow:
  1. Do not charging near flammable materials, such as mattresses / beds, especially gasoline.
  2. Avoid calling when being in-charge, if you have to always be alert to high temperature changes rapidly and immediately move away from your limbs (and others) if it occurs.
  3. If you feel any overheating of the device especially when you're in charge, immediately disconnect the device from the charger from the mains when not possible, stay away from your device.
  4. Unlike the Nickel-based battery, Li-Ion does not have a memory effect and it will shorten battery life if used up (discharge / deep discharge). Immediately charge your battery if it has reached the 25%. In certain cases, deep discharge can cause short circuit. 
  5. Never store the electronic equipment in high heat exposure such as a car dashboard that exposure to sunlight or direct exposure to sunlight.
  6. Avoid using non-standard charger that does not comply with the specifications unless you understand both the power generated by the charger is compatible with your device. The use of non-standard charger could cause damage to the battery safety circuit.
  7. Fast charger with high voltage shorten your battery life. Charger with too high voltage (> 4.2 V / cell) battery and malicious damage.
We hope tips Tips on How to Keep and Save the Smartphone, Tablet and Notebook Batteries Safely can help you to make your gadget battery like Lithium Ion battery will always saved and always safely.


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