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Simple Electronic Circuit Schematic of Symmetric Power Supply +12V, 0V, -12V

Robometricschool. - In many electronic sequences need not only electronic single supply but need double supply. We also know like in mother-board system that used in Personal Computer (PC) that need supply +5V and also -5V. In other electronic sequence like in power amplifier that called OCL also need double supply +12V and also -12V. And other sequence.

Double power supply that needed in several electronic sequence usually called with the name Symmetric Power Supply. Symmetric Power Supply usually consist of three parts supply as follow Positive, Ground, Negative. So we know symmetric power supply like +5V, ground, -5V, etc.

In this time we will show you one electronic circuit of symmetric power supply +12V, 0V, -12V that using IC LM7812 as regulator +12V and LM7912 as regulator -12V.

Electronic Circuit Schematic

Figure 1. Electronic Circuit of Symmetric PSA +12V, 0V, -12V (Image:circuitstoday)

Components List:

All of the components like in figure 1 above. As note that the transformator needed trafo with center tabs (CT). The main regulation components are LM 7812 and LM7912.

Circuit Performance
  1. Transformator used to lower the voltage from 230 VAC to 15 VAC. In here we need transformator with CT.
  2. Dideo IN4007 connected as bridge diode to rectify alternating current into direct current.
  3. Capacitor C1 until C4 used to make good DC voltage with lowed the rippled that produced from diode.
  4. IC LM7812 and LM7912 used as regulator for +12 volt and also regulator for -12V. It make the output of this power supply is +12 volt, 0 volt, and -12 volt.
  5. Capacitors C5 until C8, make good output with DC output.


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