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6 Tips on How to Make Android Battery Durable

Robometricschool. - As user of smartphone that based on Android operation system, we need that our Android battery more durable and not easy damage. We also ever post that show you some accident that can accord in our gadget battery that can explode after used. This accident will make us very afraid it will happen in our android battery.

Durability of the battery becomes an important issue in the use of smartphones, including Android. Advanced smartphones become less stable if the batteries run out quickly.

With capacity increases, the battery in most Android phones today are more durable than previous generations. However, there are several ways to make this better.

Figure 1. Stop to Search Signal Illustration (image:detikinet)

In this time we will give you 6 Tips on How to Make our Android Battery Durable that we get from Detikinet site as follow:

A. Keep the Temperature Cool in Smartphone

This tips very important to make our smartphone temperature always cool. If the smartphone is exposed to hot temperatures, there is the possibility of weak battery durability and also more easily damaged.

Therefore, do not leave the phone exposed to excessive heat or direct sunlight. The battery will last longer if the phone is used at room temperature.

B. Lower The Screen Brightness and Screen Timeout

This tips also often to given, that important to decrease the level of brightness or the brightness of the screen. This treatment will certainly increase battery life.

Surely brightness decreased levels need not be done until the total entirely. Scaled up to the level at which the eye can still see the screen comfortably.

In addition brightness level, setting the screen time out also noteworthy. This setting controls how long the screen will light up if no longer touched.

C. Use Power Saving Mode & Turn Vibration

The next tips is usually use power saving mode and turn vibration in our smartphone that based Android. Most Android phones have a power saving mode that can be accessed in the settings. As the name implies, is intended to power saving mode to save battery usage.

If the power saving mode is activated, it will do some techniques to conserve battery. For example, turn off the connection such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and lower the screen brightness.

Power saving mode has significant influence in the performance of the phone. So it is suggested that activate when the battery starts to weaken indicated.

D. Turn Off the Not Used Connections

Android phones are usually filled with connectivity. Including Wi Fi, Bluetooth or GPS. The three lower battery life quite a bit.

So if it is not used, it is better off alone all three of these features. For example, Bluetooth is used only for data transfer or when using a Bluetooth headset.

E. Minimize the use of Flash & Wallpaper

It is very important to minimize the use of Flash and Wallpaper to make our Android battery durable. The use of flash in camera takes considerable battery life. Therefore, do not be too fun using it to extend battery power. 

Similarly, animated wallpapers. Indeed wear noticeably more animated cool wallpapers and more interesting than a static wallpaper. 

But moving wallpaper spend the battery faster than a static wallpaper. Use only when needed, for this case may be just at the time wanted exhibited to a friend. 

F. Stop the Search for Signals

There are times when the smartphone users are in an area that is difficult signal. Under these circumstances, the phone still will be actively looking for a signal.

The signal search process takes battery life a bit. So if it is not really needed, just switched off or moved into flight mode so that the search process is stopped signaling.


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