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Special Tips How to Choose and Buy Power Bank Selectively

Robometricschool. - There are many kinds of Power Bank that offered in the market. Sometimes this condition make us to be confuse to select Power Bank that suitable with good quality. 

Figure 1.  Tips How to Choose and Buy Power Bank Illustration

As we know that Power Bank developed to help people whom want to charge their gadget like handphone, smartphone, iPad, and other electronic equipment that need charged battery wherever and whenever. And now many people that provide their gadget with Power Bank.

But, there are also still many people that confuse to choose when they want to buy Power Bank, because shall the Power Bank will suitable with their gadget or electronic equipment. And then many people buy Power Bank that not suitable and get not good quality.

Because of that, we will try to share with you specially that still confuse to choose the Power Bank about Special Tips How to Choose and Buy Power Bank Selectively. Maybe with practice this tips when you want to choose and buy the Power Bank you will get good result and get satisfied.

Here are some special tips How to Choose and Buy Power Bank Selectively as follow:

A. Note Your Gadget Battery Specification 

Before you choose and buy the Power Bank, firstly you must note the specification of your gadget or electronic equipment battery. You can obey the voltage and also current in gadget battery specification. You can find this specification will appear in manual book or in battery that used. You can write the data as your guidance when you want to buy the Power Bank

B. Note the Capacity of Power Bank

After you know the specification battery your gadget, the next you can choose the Power Bank according with your gadget battery specification. For example: When your gadget battery specification is 1200mAh, you must minimum choose the Power Bank with 1200mAh. Don't choose and buy the power with lower with this capacity. But you also can choose and buy the higher capacity.

C. Notice the Power Bank Features

Some users may think that Power Bank only as a means of charging the battery alone, while some Power Bank features related to your gadget. Therefore, choose Power Bank that features as like:

  1. Protection from short circuit. As we know fires are often caused by a short circuit. Choose a bank that features a power cut power when a short circuit occurs.
  2. Protection from overcharge. We need the Power Bank can automatically cut off the electricity when charging the battery is full, because overcharge will certainly shorten the life of the battery bank either battery power or battery gadget.
  3. Protection from high temperature. This is to detect when the temperature is too high bank power whilst charging.  
D. Notice of Power Bank Battery Cells

The main of Power Bank is Battery Cell that used. Quality of the battery cell in Power Bank determine the age of Power Bank. So make sure the battery in Power Bank native, not refurbish. Usually the best cell that used is the cell that made from Japan. 

E. Warranty

Please choose and buy the Power Bank that sold with warranty. Choose the power bank that using warranty with minimum 1 year. Usually when you buy power bank with warranty it will indicated that the power bank is using good quality and usually from the famous brand.


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