Friday, July 12, 2013

Simple Tips on How to Ward Off the Threat of Cell Phone Radiation

Robometricschool. - As we know that cell phone can open radiation that very dangerous for our health in our body. So there are many some worry from people who use cell phone because of this radiation. Some opinion said that radio signal released by cell phones are carcinogenic and can be called trigger cancer.

Various issues of disease and the symptoms of mobile phone radiation disturbances such as dizziness, insomnia, Parkinson's disease, brain tumors, and other bath a threat that continues to haunt. Medical science continues to bring up the pros and cons related to this.

Figure 1. Cell Phone Radiation Illustration (Image:Google)

Although medical research still due to danger against, but we can avoid from the treat of cell phone radiation according follow 3 simple tips that we give to you below:
  1. Use a wired headset. The use of the headset is very significant to help reduce the radiation to the brain. Almost all phones now provide a headset, so use it. Especially for frequent call in a long time.
  2. Flight mode feature is designed to turn off the phone when the signal beam is used in flight. Automatically by activating flight mode, then the radiation will be stopped. Try to get used to activate at night when going to bed.
  3. Or is safest when sleeping habit turn off the phone, do not worry later the alarm will not sound. Because the number of mobile phones, alarm still works even in the dead. Of note, the battery is still insufficient.
And we hope the 3 simple tips on How to Ward Off the Threat of Cell Phone Radiation really can avoid us from the threat of cell phone radiation. (Source:detikinet)


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