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Simple Electronic Circuit of Power Bank 4200 mAh with Input 10 Volt and output 5 Volt

Robometricschool. - As we know that power bank is very useful for our gadget this day. With using power bank we can charge our gadget with electric power whenever and wherever. And now we can find in many electronic market or gadget market sold the power bank.

In this time we will not share you about How to Choose and Buy the Power Bank because we has posted this article several day ego. In this time we want to give you simple electronic circuit schematic Power Bank 4200mAh with input 10 volt and output 5 volt. We hope you can make your own power bank easily with this electronic circuit.

Before we give you this electronic circuit schematic of Power Bank 4200 mAh with Input 10 Volt and output 5 Volt, we will describe you globally about How is the Power Bank Work to charge our gadget.

Power bank itself is a resource that contains a set of batteries with high power. On the market range from 2000mAh - 10000 mAh. This battery has a voltage of 7.4 volt regulator IC is reduced by 7805. Order compatible with mobile devices that range is 3.7 volts. Why must 5 volt?

It is because usually our gadget like handphone using voltage 3.7 volt, the voltage to charge should be higher. So use 5 volts. And if your gadget more than 3.7 volt so you must using power bank with other voltage like 7.4 volt that usually will charge our gadget like smartphone and iPhone.

Electronic Circuit Schematic:

Figure 1. Power Bank Circuit Schematic

Component List:
  1. BT1 = Battery 7.4 Volt, 4200mAh
  2. C2 = 1000uF/16V
  3. C3 = 470uF/16V
  4. R1 = 150 ohm
  5. D1 = LED
  6. U1 = LM 7805

Circuit Performances:
  • We can charge the battery BT1 with input 10V, 1 Ampere from adapter with open the switch SW1
  • And we can use to this simple power bank to charge our gadget like handphone with close the switch SW1.
  • When we close SW1 it mean that power battery from BT1 will regulated into 5 volt using U1 LM 7805 as the output of this Power Bank to charge our gadget.
  • LED D1 is indicator when we use this power bank to charge our gadget and it is also indicate that switch SW1 is closed.

  • That this circuit schematic not using LED indicator to know the Battery BT1 is full or not yet, so we must estimate how long we must charge the battery BT1.
  • Please open the switch SW1 when the power bank is not used.


  1. how many watts thus thee resistor has?'

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  3. thanks a lot yar....m succeed to make home made power bank this circuit is 100% accurate thanks a lot for it.....

  4. How can we add battery level indicator?


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