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3 Kind Electric Actuator that Usually Used in Mobile Robot

Robometricschool. - One part that very important when we design mobile robot is actuator that usually using many kinds of motors. In here we will introduce you 3 kinds motors that usually used in mobile robot.

Figure 1. One Kind of Mobile Robot

When we said about actuator, there are many kinds of actuator depending on the usage. And usually actuator consist of electrical actuator like motor and pneumatic with valve.

In mobile robot we will use electric actuator like motor when we design this robot. There are 3 kinds motors that usually used in mobile robot as likes DC Motor, Servo Motor, and Stepper Motor. And we will introduce one by one 3 kinds electric actuator here.

A. DC Motor.

Figure 2. Construction Shape of DC Motor

We think you will not foreign again with this electric actuator that called DC Motor. This motor very common used in mobile robot. There are many advantages when we use DC motor when we design mobile robot as follow:
  1. DC motors are relatively clean, quiet, and can generate enough power for a variety of purposes and widely used in Mobile Robot.
  2. DC motors are also much easier on the control of the pneumatic.
  3. DC motor rotates freely and need feedback mechanism using shaft encoder.
Figure 3. Combination DC Motor and Shaft Encoder

To rotate DC motor we can use simple and complex electronic circuit schematic that called with DC Motor Driver. When we only need one direction motor dc rotation we only need very simple circuit, and when we need to rotate DC Motor as like we design mobile robot we must can control DC Motor to rotate in dwi direction these are anti-clock wise and clock wise. To do this jobs you can use electronic circuit of Hybridge DC Motor Driver.

B. Servo Motor

Servo Motor also popular enough when we will design mobile robot and very specially when we design humanoid robot. 

Figure 4. Servo Motor Shape

Unlike the DC motor, PW input is not converted into speed with setting the desired position servo rotating disk (disk head). Servo motor not continuous rotation servo motors such as DC
Range of only about + 120 degree turn to the middle position. Servo motor combines a DC motor with a simple feedback circuit.

And you can figure below as the aplication of Servot Motor in robot design.

Figure 5. Servo Motor Application

When you want to control this Servo Motor using electronic circuit that you can see with click here.

C. Stepper Motor

One of the position motor that many applied in robot is Stepper Motor. Differences with DC motors, stepper motors using two independent loops these are motor movement back and forth is not continuous as in a DC motor but could per step by using a impulse.

Figure 6. Stepper Motor Configureation

Generally 200 steps per full rotation (revolution) this is 1.8 ° / step, but there is that half of it is so subtle rotation. There is a number of Max step / sec depending on the speed limit load on stepper motors.

When you want to control this stepper motor, you need electronic circuit driver for stepper motor that you can see with click here.


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