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Electronic Schematic Diagram of Light Detector Robot using Light Dependent Resistor (LDR)

Robometricschool. - When we tell about Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) component, so we can said that this is kind of light sensor that many used for many projects. One kind project that using LDR is Light Detector Robot.

Light Detector Robot define that the robot can run automatically follow the light that detected. It is similar with Line Follower Robot that will run automatically to follow the line. In here we want not to describe you how to make light detector robot, but we want to give you one electronic circuit schematic of Light Detector Robot using LDR based microcontroller AT89S51.

Electronic Circuit of Light Detector Detector

Figure 1. Electronic Schematic of Light Detector Robot (Image:Dendiatama)

Component Lists

All components to make Light Detector Robot can you see from figure 1 above. The components divided into 3 parts as follow:
  1. Sensor : Using LDR and IC LM335 or IC LM311
  2. Microcontroller : Using IC AT89S51
  3. Driver DC Motor: Using IC L293D

Schematic Performance:

To describe the performance or work of electronic schematic of Light Detector Robot as like in figure 1 above we can divide into three parts. In sensor, Microcontroller,and driver dc motor.

A. Sensor Part

In this part we use LDR as light detector or sensor. LDR will change the resistance when this component detect the light. With the circuit above LDR connected with the resistor to make voltage divider as output sensor. This voltage will be input in IC LM355 or LM311 that will compared with reference voltage. This IC used to make digital voltage in output from this sensor that used to as input data to microcontrolller AT89S51. 

We using two Light detector or sensor that can placed in the right and left the robot to detect light from light and left the robot.

B. Microcontroller

Microcontroller AT89S51 can used to controlled the input data from sensor part. We can program this IC using specific program like assembly or C programming to follow the logical how this robot will move when this robot detect the light from the sensor part. To program this IC you must have skill in microcontroller. You can use MIDE Programming Software and also ISP Programming to do it.

C. DC Driver Motor

This is the last part in this schematic. We can design dc motor driver using IC L293D to get 2 part DC motor driver. Data input this IC came from microcontroller and the output of this IC will be connected to DC motor that run the wheel of this robot.

So you can try using the Electronic Schematic Diagram of Light Detector Robot using Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) to complete your project. And if you get some error you can contact me or comment in this blog.


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