Thursday, May 23, 2013

Controlling TV using Speech and Hand Movement with New Samsung Smart TV F8000 in 2013

Robometricschool. - As reported from Samsung Smart TV that this time in 2013, Samsung Smart TV present more interactive and advanced. Samsung Smart TV present with newest technology that can provide user can enjoy more interactive television that can controlled using hand movement and also speech.

Figure 1. New Samsung Smart TV F8000, 2013 (Image:detikinet)

Here Samsung present for their user for their television with new Samsung Smart TV F8000. With new Samsung Smart TV F8000 we can use our hand moving and also our speech to control our television. We can surfing from menu to menu, explore the application of the page to the next page, simply brush hands. To click, clench your hands.

This new Samsung Smart TV F8000 designed to complete Samsung Smart TV before. Although with old Samsung Smart TV we can enjoy control our TV using speech and hand moving but with new Samsung Smart TV F8000 we can get more rich controlling TV using our hand moving and speech.

With Samsung Smart TV F8000, we can zoom in, zoom out or rotate images in television. If you want to give a Like on status or photos of friends on Facebook, simply raise your thumb. It can do because in Samsung Smart TV F8000 completed with pop up resolution 5 MP camera that will capture all of our movements. Samsung Smart TV cameras are now also able to capture the movement of light conditions in the room, although a bit dim.

And then with Samsung Smart TV F8000, we can change the TV channel, volume up and drop off or access any of the features, proceeded to talk on the Samsung Smart TV. We can also give voice commands through a microphone in the remote Smart Touch Control. Remote is connected to the TV using bluetooth is equipped with a touch pad so faster navigation.

These are all complete to make more enjoy for user of this television. When we ask about the picture of Samsung Smart TV F8000, we can said that it is very good. We can enjoy high quality images with 1080p Full HD technology is no technology Intelligent Viewing terbaru.Apalagi that automatically optimizes the image to look crisp and sharp, whatever the type and source.

With the LED Motion Plus, it has made ​​a fast moving scenes still look sharp and smooth thanks to the speed of response of the LED lights. While Micro Dimming Ultimate technology analyzes and adjusts every frame so that the LED lights resulting image is more bright and clear. He added that Black Cinema technology makes colors more intense black, making the experience watching it on the Samsung Smart LED TV seemed in cinema.

And the last according the processor that having by this television that High performance Samsung Smart LED TV series F8000 powered by Quad Core processor that is embedded in it. For internet connectivity, available Wireless LAN Built-in that supports browsing speed, screen mirroring and AllShare. There are 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports that placement was structured so that your TV cables look neater.

So with new Samsung Smart TV F8000, you can enjoy more television quality and interactive with powerful television. You can control the TV with our hand moving and speech, can enjoy high quality images with full HD technology and others. (Source:detikinet)


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