Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Recharge Gadget Battery using Solar Clothes from India

Robometricschool. - There are many ways to give solve the problem when our gadget battery is empty. One way to do it is provide recharge gadget battery easily from us.

Figure 1. Solar Clothes Illustration (Image:Detikinet)

Scientists from India develop clothes that can recharge gadget battery easily. Beside develop lingerie that can avoid from rape in women several days ago because many rape in India for several month ago, now scientist from India also develop with clothes theme recharge gadget battery using solar clothes

From solar clothes, it is can be used to save solar energy and than can be used to charge gadget battery like cellular or tablet. In sun clothes consist of solar cell and fan that planting in this clothes. Solar cell used to receive solar energy and fan used to make user always cool when use this clothes. So it is very nice.

According designer and photovoltaic system developer, Mr. Santipada GonChaudhury said that mini solar cell in planting in fiber clothes or in clothes pocket. From his design, that solar clothes can produce more than 400 watts of power with the help of mini solar panels. Size of embedded solar panels varies, ranging from 2.5 inch to 3 inch.

From this design that solar clothes can recharge gadget battery enough. The scientists describe their clothing will have two layers. One of them would be embedded two to four mini fan that will work utilizing solar energy. This concept is still being developed to make it more perfect. The scientists hope that this solar clothes could soon be mass produced and sold to the public. 

So it is one of useful clothes that will help you when you want to charge your gadget battery easily and suddenly. You must be patient to use it, because it is still in develop mass. (Source: Detikinet)


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