Monday, April 15, 2013

Electronic Circuit Schematic Automatic Fun Controller using NTC TTC3A103 as Temperature Sensor

Robometricschool. - In this time we want to give you electronic circuit schematic of Automatic Fun Controller using NTC TTC3A103. It is simple schematic diagram that you can implement easily in your project to control temperature automatically and will run the fan when the temperature is high.

Schematic Diagram

Figure 1. Automatic Fun Controller using NTC TTC3A103 (image:tutukjat)

Component List

For all component you can see from the schematic diagram like in figure 1 above. The main component from the schematic diagram is NTC (Negative Temperature Coulomb) with series TTC3A103 and also comparator LM331.

Circuit Performance:

  1. NTC will work to detect temperature changing, NTC will changed when temperature is hot and cold. From figure 1 that NTC connected to the R1 to make voltage divider. Voltage between R1 and NTC will changed when NTC sense hot or cold temperature.
  2. LM311 is comparing voltage from R1 and NTC with VR1. Output from IC LM311 will controlled T1 to turn off and turn on the relay RL1 to switch on and switch off the fan.
So it is very simple work, how the automatic fun controller using NTC TTC3A103 work. It is simple and i think very useful circuit. You can try by your self. 


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