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Schematic Diagram Flame Sensor UV TRON R2838 Hamamatsu for Fire Extinguisher Robot

Robometricschool. - One of important part of fire extinguisher robot is sensor that can detect fire in certain field. One of sensor that usually used in fire extinguisher robot is flame sensor UV TRON R2838 from Hamamatsu product. With Flame sensor UV TRON R2838 from Hamamatsu you can get quick detection of flame from distance. This sensor is compact UV sensor with high sensitivity and wide directivity, suitable for flame detectors and fire Alarms.

Figure 1. Ultraviolet Sensor from Hamamatsu (image: sheet data hamamatsu)

According Hamamatsu R2838 sheet data we know that from Hamamatsu R2868 is a UV TRON ultraviolet detector that makes use of the photoelectric effect of metal and the gas ultiplication effect. It has a narrow spectral sensitivity of 185 to 260 nm, being completely insensitive to visible light. Unlike semiconductor detectors, it does not require optical visible-cut filters, thus making it easy to use. In spite of its small size, the R2868 has wide angular sensitivity (directivity) and can reliably and quickly detect weak ultraviolet radiations emitted from flame due to use of the metal plate cathode. The R2868 is well suited for use in flame detectors and fire alarms, and also in detection of invisible discharge henomena such as corona discharge of high-voltage transmission lines. 

For more information about flame sensor UV TRON R2838 from Hamamatsu, you can take free download sheet data of this sensor with click link below:

In this time we want give you schematic diagram flame sensor UV TRON R2838 from Hamamatsu that you can use as reference to install this sensor in your project like when you want to use this sensor as flame detector in fire extinguisher robot that very popular this day.

Schematic Diagram of Flame Sensor UV TRON R2838 from Hamamatsu

Figure 2. Schematic Diagram UV TRON R2838 (Image: Sheet Data Hamamatsu)

Method Connection of Flame Sensor UV TRON R2838 Hamamatsu

Figure 3. Method Connection (Image: Sheet Data Hamamatsu)
Figure 4. Flame Sensor UV TRON R2838 (Image: Sheet Data Hamamatsu)

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